Bully-Watch is the original anti-bullying solution designed within OfSTED
Behaviour and Safety guidelines to compliment your existing policies and
procedures. Bully-Watch is a web based system so your staff can use it
collaboratively from any computer or device with an internet connection. The system
has three primary objectives which are:

1) Send a clear message
...that bullying is not acceptable within your school or academy. We provide a
button on YOUR website - to allow parents and young people to easily report
bullying. These reports are instantly visible to just your staff.

2) Reduce bullying
Management console to assist you in your investigation, communications and
follow up of bullying reports. The data from this can also generate eye-opening reports,
improve the future management of such incidents and reduce bullying levels.

3) Improved learning
A safe environment free from stress, physical aggression and bullying allows
students to develop excellence in all areas of the curriculum. Recording of all
information encourages the entire establishment to become more adaptive.

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Bully-Watch is designed to be a non-profit system and is a negligible cost to even the smallest establishments. Visit our quotation page for more info.