If you're a victim of bullying you can use our
"Report it now!" system to report bullying
problems directly to your school. It's completely
anonymous, you don't even need to give your
name or email address if you don't want to.

You can fill out our bullying form in as much or little detail as you wish. You don't even
need to be the victim - if you know someone who's being bullied you can send a report on
their behalf - you only need to know their school.

Every report you send tells the school more about the bullying that's going on, and every
little bit of information helps the school to find a solution more quickly.

Remember that you're not alone. You can click on the "Getting Help" button to read more
about getting extra help and advice from others. You can send us a message and tell us
about your problem if you think that might help. If you provide your email address we'll try
to write back to you and try to help even more if you ask us to.